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Reviews for "Super Responsible Parent"

So far, this is my favorite LD42 game I've played, it's fun and has a unique and appropriate use of the theme. I recommend continuing development on this. You explored a lot of possibilities here in your level design (and in just 72 hours!), things like platforming obstacles, requiring children to be saved in a specific order, racing to avoid getting squashed, all of these can be taken much further.

My only complaint is that the beginner learning phase is pretty rushed and there's enough uncommon platforming mechanics here to trip me up by forcing me to use them all together almost right away

dietzribi responds:

Wow, thanks a lot! We never manage to make the learning curve balanced enough when we make these Ludum Dare games (48 / 72 hours)

Hope you add on to this game. It seemed kind of dumb (sorry) as an idea at first but once I started playing it turned out to be pretty genius. Now I am just wishing there was more than eleven levels. Oh well. Best of luck with future games.

dietzribi responds:

lol, we knew it was a dumb concept, that's why decided to embrace it and do the silly intro and ending :) Thanks!

I thought it was fun

dietzribi responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Very interesting concept, although it has been done before, it is a fresh take on platformers. Could have a better storyline & better navigation.

dietzribi responds:

Thanks for your feedback! :)

The animation cutscene at the beginning was awful. The voice acting is irritating.
The controls are bouncy. It's very hard to not die. The background is overall bland (One shade of color for each background). The 4th level is impossible.

dietzribi responds:

Sorry that you didn't like it! Me and my brother made in 3 days mainly for practice and fun :)
We're trying to improve!
If you ever try it again, in the 4th level you should just jump and dash diagonally to pass trough the spikes- (press right and up and space at the same time)
Check out this playthrough: https://youtu.be/ITlO5TWRkxM