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Reviews for "Super Responsible Parent"

I really enjoyed this. I liked the mechanics of the game however getting stuck between two balloons was a little annoying. The music is great and I liked the level design. I believe with some polish and more time this is something I could see getting popular. Good on you guys for making this in only 72 hours, impressive.

dietzribi responds:

Thanks a lot!

That was quite good. I was confused on how few levels there were. It was so easy at first. I just didn't know there would even be hazards! The music was pretty good. The title's pretty funny.

Congratulations on being the most played game of this dare! Actually, it's also the thumbnail. What success! I guess the artwork could have been better. It's mostly good for what it is.

dietzribi responds:

Thanks :)

Gotta love homemade sound effects.

An all-around pleasant experience. There is something about the game that just makes it a joy to play.

The premise of Super Responsible Parent is that a bunch of kids are stuck in a bounce house that is mysteriously inflating, and some guy (likely a parent judging by the title) decides to go in and help them.
Certainly an odd premise, but this is only compounded by everything else in the game.

The gameplay is nothing terribly original. The player bounces on top of the environment in order to progress, collecting items (or in this case, kids), and has a limited time to do so. What makes it unique however, is how that timer is set up. It is not some counter, it is the level itself gradually shrinking, and the player can, at set points, release the pressure and cause the level to go back to it's original state. A unique spin on old mechanics.
The dash is mildly annoying, though. It does not go quite far enough, leaving little room for error. This is usually not a problem considering the instant respawn, but the dash also does not FEEL like it goes far enough, leaving the player feeling slightly dissatisfied after using it. The jumps using it are fine as they are of course, but if the dash had been ever so slightly extended, and even the dangers with it, the dash would feel much more fluid.

The level design is not perfect, but it is pretty well done, feeling fluid yet not like it is holding the player's hand. There were a couple annoying dashes, but for the most part the levels worked well.

The sound design is something else. Every sound effect in the game is homemade, given by someone making noises with their mouth. If this was not enough, there is a fast-paced yet bouncy and even goofy soundtrack accompanying the player, similar to something heard at a carnival.
There is also unprofessional voice-acting. Not the kind that makes a person's ears bleed, but the kind that is at the perfect spot between subpar and good, humorous in it's quality.
All this gives the game a goofy, low-budget feel, to the point of being almost funny.

The graphics are simple and crude, as if drawn by someone with minimal experience, or someone with lots of experience doing a rushed job. However, this does not detract from the game. On the contrary, the crude art style adds greatly to the game, enhancing the feeling of low-budget quality and goofiness. On top of this, the art is pleasant to look at and easy on the eyes. Balancing low quality with pleasant graphics is a difficult balance to achieve, but this game did so with flying colors.

Super Responsible Parent is a game that does not take itself seriously. Everything about the game, from the soundtrack to even the premise itself is silly. The game knows this and exploits it well, staying consistent and creating a short yet humorous and enjoyable romp through a bounce house of kids and inflating corridors.
It does not hurt that the game looks like it was made by professionals intentionally creating a subpar game, which is always a treat.
This feels like a classic in the making, or at least a cult classic. Great job on this.

dietzribi responds:

Wow, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review!
The game was made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare, so that's why everything feels so rushed, because it is! And I'm not that much of a pixel artist anyways :)
When we came up with the silly idea we just rolled with it and decided to have fun and not take it too seriously.
Glad you liked it!

This was great! Simple yet fun and enjoyable! Great job!

dietzribi responds:

Thank you :)

Loved it!. My one criticism is that the diagonal up dash only works traveling right, not left. Otherwise everything is solid. The movements were a little tough to learn on such a short game, since you had to advance difficulty quickly. Would love to see this expanded upon with more easy levels early on, and more even tougher ones later. Cheers!

dietzribi responds:

Yeah I know :( It's a problem on some laptops I think, WASD might work... I'm working on an update with some bug fixes so I'll add Z to dash as an option.
Thanks for playing!