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Reviews for "Hydrogenic"

Now that's a clever ad very puzzling concept!

This was surprisingly fun. Simple concept, but well-executed and original, if somewhat short. My main criticism here is that the existing concept doesn't require that much thought to it - the stage shrinks at a constant rate, meaning it's always getting harder and thus there's no element of timing to it - just play as fast as you can, all the time. On top of that, the way that the game is as simple as collecting one thing and avoiding another lends itself only one important mechanic - figure out where you'll land if you press the spacebar, then construct a back and forth path to gather all of the electrons. This concept gets old quite fast and as a result, wouldn't make this game very fun if you developed further on this concept.

Simplie yet challenging, matches the theme. Great loved it.

It's a nice idea, I like the game. Only problem I had was with orientation when going for one side or another, but that isn't necessarily an issue, as it makes you need to think outside of the box and fast, kinda makes the game more challenging.

Nice concept, but I failed to form a bond.