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Reviews for "Running out of Space"

Pretty nice game

Not going to rate the game, as I'm not sure if I'm missing something major.

But it appears there is a game-breaking...well, not bug. Design error. When playing this game on a webpage, the scroll wheel scrolls the webpage as well as game elements. This means you can scroll 'up' without significant consequences, but scrolling down makes the game roll up out of view even as you move objects. You can then click the scrollbar to bring it back into view, but at that point the game ceases to be any fun.

Obviously, if it were fullscreen, or if the scrollwheel were locked to the game, it might be playable and fun, but I can't find out.

endernoobz responds:

Added an option to use left and right mouse button to move blocks, you can also find a version of the game on GameJolt that you can play online or on windows using the scroll wheel. Thank you for the feedback!

Great concept but as it happens often, I find the games coming out of Ludum Dare lacking. I'm not sure what the goal there is, but if it is to create a "complete" game in 48h, this would not be complete in my eyes. Of course, given the time limit, I can understand it. But there are a few exceptions that feel complete even though there are simple mechanics. This one on the other hand feels like it ended because the developer ran out of time - which isn't meant as accusation given the LD context.

But how to rate this game? Well it's hard, by normal standards I'd give like a 3 because of the shortness, in the context of the Ludum Dare I'd give a 4 because it is solid, interesting and something that can be built upon. So let's meet in the middle with 3,5/5 :)

Funny little game. Had one bug though: a movable block pushed me through the terrain causing me to get stuck. Maybe getting squished should either stop the moving block OR kill the astonaut? :/

It's a good concept! Using the scroll wheel can get a little annoying though.