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Reviews for "Bomb Factory"

This game isn't bad... but I suck at it! :d

Wow! This is incredibly addicting and I love it! All the core game mechanics work together seamlessly. Falling blocks can crush you; to avoid being crushed, you might have to jump over an already fallen block; in order to jump, you place a bomb, creating a hazard for yourself; when the bomb explodes, it clears some of the blocks off the screen; rinse and repeat. And it's all driven on by a tense, adrenaline-inducing track that matches the theme, style, and rhythm/pace of gameplay extremely well.

I have a few suggestions/complaints, although I understand this was made on a deadline, and some of this stuff may have been developed given more time:
• Better UI.
• Highscores should have the bomb delay displayed as well, as it drastically changes the difficulty.
• This may have been intentional, but I don't like that after placing a bomb, it doesn't take up exactly 1 block, and that it's hitbox changes as it pulses.
• Game over sequence should be a bit faster so the player can jump right back into it.
• In 2P mode the players should be playing against each other, not with each other. It's much easier and more fun to try and screw each other over than cooperate and try to keep each other alive. Someone dies, the other person gets a 100-or-so bonus point; quick reset; keep playing. Scores are continuous from game to game until the player actually leaves to the menu.
• Also in regards to 2P mode, why is jump/bomb for P2 the 'T' key!? How are all four hands gonna fit on one keyboard? So, maybe customizable controls, or just.... better.. buttons.. :p
• And lastly, medal machine 🅱️r o k e

Overall, great work, hope to see more from you! :D

Rictus25 responds:

Thank you for this constructive comment ! Most of your points are so true, in 48h, I did'nt manage to do more, but for a full game, your suggestions are totally legit !

Um, I got a score of over 1000 and nothing happened. I'm glad you could at least jump. Well, it didn't help you much. At least the bombs worked. I'm so thankful you could determine the rate that they go off. Less time is better.

This seems like a pretty good ludum dare. I have no idea why the rating isn't higher. This is really a creative game! I rarely see ludum games this good. At least it's frontpaged.

Rictus25 responds:

Thank you for your comment !

Love your game man, This is a game that would be a perfect time killer on the buss for example. Planing on doing an android port? Because that something I want

Rictus25 responds:

Hello, actually this game has been created in Jam, I didnt planned to work on a Android port yet, but, hell, why not ? I would need time, a real graphist and sounddesigner. Thank you for your comment !

Enjoyable. Medals don't work.

Rictus25 responds:

Really ? On my computer it works. There is no graphics for the medal yet, are you sure you don't have any medal ?

EDIT : Try to refresh page too