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Reviews for "Jessika's Curse August Update"

Dudes, I love your art :) Good luck with the beta!
Stay funky,

mintymiyazaki responds:

Sommelier is happy you said that. He's the one dying from heat as mentioned... however at the moment he's in threat of drowning due to floods.

Have version for linux?

mintymiyazaki responds:

Can, just have to test it.

Looks awesome ! (Looks like you've been reading some "mind break")

Will there be a mode where my character just gives up on leveling and decides to slut it out in the forest permanently?

mintymiyazaki responds:

lol, don't limit yourself to JUST the forest. You can slut it out just about anywhere.

Fuck the porn, this legit looks amazing to play

mintymiyazaki responds:

I'm thinking it's going to be a battle between the ones with natural large sized breasts vs the flat justice conspirators, however.... fucking the porn would only empower the porn.

This has certainly grabbed my attention. The gameplay looks interesting, and the art style looks beautiful even compared to non-h games. I checked out the Patreon page for more info but have a few questions/ suggestions.
-Do you happen to have a fetish list? Knowing the type of sexual content in the game allows you to show up in more searches. Personally I would love to see a pregnancy system that gives effects similar to DD's Virtue/Affliction system where each Vaginal action has a chance to provoke a pregnancy that could either last until you head back to town (where time is implied to pass and the pregnancies are short because magic) or maybe even stages where the pregnancy temporarily decreases speed and lust resistance, then also defense and crit chance later on. The upside could then be the children grow up quickly and are able to work for your party, improving the town. Each Race could have a special bonus to the production. Ect.
-Do you plan on having ways of intentionally engaging in lust acts? Maybe it be a corruption system where you can attack enemies to lower lust and not get KO'd. I read about the odds being very high of running into H-events even while trying, but sometimes it is nice to be able to take initiative.
-Is the game going to be free on launch?
-What parts are inspired by Darkest Dungeon? The art style and overall difficulty is what I see, as well as maybe the lust meter being like the stress meter. But one of the major strengths was the fact you had many hero's who you could discard and had to manage with an emphasis on risk reward. How do you plan on emulating that with 4 core characters?
Thanks for the potential response. This game really has caught me and I think I might toss a buck in (sorry I am a broke college student).

mintymiyazaki responds:

According to Lord-Arioch (Producer; gets blamed for everything wrong):
"There's no fetish list at the moment, as we are still deciding on what content to include.
There is no planned breeding stuff because of the addition work it would entail at the moment, but that could change.
You'll be able to engage in lust acts in town.
The game will not be free.

Combat, dungeon design, town system are inspired by DD.
We can't do disposable characters due to the amount of work it would take to make additional animations."