Reviews for "Going fo a walk"

Nice animation

so the art in this alone is impressive, the colors were great and the "WALK" was notbad, I do think you could make this longer even adding some running, And so as I start up this review I must say, you have made a decent project here, theres lots to see in this one, it is full of life and entertainment I was pretty impressed with this and the end results that came from it.

I do think you could make this longer even adding some running


This was pretty impressive. It's mostly because it's just a walk cycle. The animation is absolutely gorgeous! This really is a unique creature. I also love all the colors. It's hard to go into detail in a review for something so short.

Was the title intentionally meant to say, "fo"? It does seem cooler that way. The music works great too. I can see why it has these awards. Love to see a full fledged cartoon out of it.

A-Patrick responds:

"Was the title intentionally meant to say, "fo"?"
Ahaha I haven't noticed my mistake until I read your comment !
The original title was "Une petite balade", but I translated it(and forgot an "r") for Newgrounds.
And thank you for your review :)

Really reminiscent of Felix Colgrave's style, great animation that uses multiple techniques and has enough details worthy for a couple of replays.

Pure atmosphere and unique style. Would love to see cartoon based on this.

Just amazimg.