Reviews for "[UE4] Madness combat - Smoke break"

Really freaking sweet. Only thing I would change is adding a bit of shading to the zombie heads. Other than that, looks great with smooth animations. Keep it up!

This is great man, I love that animation. It's smooth, it speaks to the style of the original madness material I remember from years ago, and it sets a fantastic atmosphere. The only part of this that could use any work is it needs a little smoothing in the final rendering with the lights. When he's turning his head at the beginning the lighting gets a little rough. But everything else looks good. The one other thing I wanna bring up about this animation is the music. The riffs are hard hitting and the drums are a wonderful slow slamming thump. This is some solid funeral doom.

Nice animation, I always liked the madness combat series.

Good job...increible.

Eh, I saw a little clipping with Deimos' coat when he enters the car, overall, great work! Nice to see some variety in animating.