Reviews for "[UE4] Madness combat - Smoke break"

This was a nice, teasing animation with promise for more fun to come, and while the overall detailing was good, but not great, it's still nicely done with some good music to set the mood, and a nice choice of the character overlooking the cliff into the unending Z hordes, with some fairly smooth animation.

I look forward to seeing more!

It looks really good, looks like it took a lot of work. I liked the attention to detail in the design of the characters (and also on the fact that Deimos lights his cigarette with his thumb, that's a reference for real MC fans).

The rain particles feel a bit weird, and it looks to me like Deimos is simply a lot more detailed then everything, there was a bit of cliping and I got the feeling that his hands were too low. It looks real nice, and for being a first animation it seems to show a promissing path.

XwaynecoltX is the justin y of newgrounds

For your first serious animation this is really nice, however i think some elements were missing, and some could've been improved. The rain particles could've been made slightly less bright/saturated and their splash effects didn't seem to decrease in size further away. I don't use either of those programs but if there is a skybox option you should use it to put in distant hills so that way you could make a smoother environment for the scene by not having the nearby hills be so unrealistically protruding. If you can't make high-poly shapes then atleast smooth them out a tiny bit and use shading as a way to hide it and make it look slightly better, because here currently the light seems to be all over the place on some objects. This basically boils down to you getting better as you learn the programs more and receive snippets of criticism. You should focus on putting a good sense of scale in your next animation/scene if it takes place outside.

Wow intense

So this was an "UNEXPECTED" visual yes I did think it would have been some "RANDOM" madness but you have some much depth into this one the visuals along with the music made this for an amazing entry make more of these, You probably have lots of endeavors with good Discovery aswell as well Developed submissions, but this one here is a good Treat, I will take my time with this one.

make more of these.