Reviews for "[UE4] Madness combat - Smoke break"

6 out of 5!!

Somehow, I never realized that Deimos could use his visor like a rain-shield while he's smoking. That's kind of cool.

the music and animation blended well together and your art style is amazing. I hope to see more from you in the near future, with more action of course

Obviously the only complain is that its too short and no action :)

your animation and music are in sync, like when the zombies are revealed, the music suddenly shifts to match the tone. and how deimos seems so calm its.....rather creepy, to say the least. but it matches his character. and is a good first to leaving SFM. normally i complain when people turn madness into something else past the flash engine, but your works always shine. most animated sfms i review on madness are croppy and lifeless, without sense, but with the new "MADNESS:PROJECT NEXUS 2", i would say this was in the NEXUS canon had i not seen your watermark in the bottom right. and as mentioned before, this animation is smoother than anything else i seen outside of professional game development studios that use UE4 on a dally basis to develop wonderful titles.