Reviews for "[UE4] Madness combat - Smoke break"

This is just a test animation right? You are trying out new forms of animation? cause just like your last animation with this character... this one also makes no sense... don't know who he is why hes there and I've gotten to the point where I just lost interest... Im not interested in another SPAWN ripoff... mixed in with The Walking Dead, and some sort of 'team fortress Classic' mood to this where apparently everything is Bethesda Combat, mixed in with halo. Combat everywhere for no reason ever... (Taking into account that there was no combat here today.)

Ugh... I mean don't get me wong. Good job animating... But maybe... you should let someone else handle your story... like hire a writer... someone to say... tell an actual story with what Im assuming is a complex character...

Madness and Unreal combined?! :D This is like a dream. Not only does it capture the essence of both universes, the superior graphics along with the more somber shades of Madness... but the one turn suddenly brought it all to a whole new level! Matrix vibes. Love it. If only we could see the carnage that follows... this could be big! Love the softness of the falling rain too. Beautiful work. Music too.


It looks really good, looks like it took a lot of work. I liked the attention to detail in the design of the characters (and also on the fact that Deimos lights his cigarette with his thumb, that's a reference for real MC fans).

The rain particles feel a bit weird, and it looks to me like Deimos is simply a lot more detailed then everything, there was a bit of cliping and I got the feeling that his hands were too low. It looks real nice, and for being a first animation it seems to show a promissing path.

This was a nice, teasing animation with promise for more fun to come, and while the overall detailing was good, but not great, it's still nicely done with some good music to set the mood, and a nice choice of the character overlooking the cliff into the unending Z hordes, with some fairly smooth animation.

I look forward to seeing more!

This is incredible! I have a couple points to note: not sure if it was intentional or not (I assume it was), but it was a bit strange that Deimos lit his cigarette with his finger, and there were rain droplets that stopped midair which was a little bit distracting as well. The zombies were pretty shiny so I guess that didn't give off quite the "undead" vibe I think it should, but other than that, the art is incredible, the music choice was great, it actually felt suspenseful, which I haven't really felt in many animations before. You obviously put a lot of work into this and it paid off. This was a great animation overall.