Reviews for "[UE4] Madness combat - Smoke break"

Really freaking sweet. Only thing I would change is adding a bit of shading to the zombie heads. Other than that, looks great with smooth animations. Keep it up!

Reminds me of Snakes cigar/cigarette breaks from Metal Gear Solid

welp. this is about to be on the front page

For your first serious video with the program, this is really damn good. I always like fresh approaches to Madness. The Deimos model looks great, very detailed, the motion is great, ai couldn't zee Sanford very well, but I liked how dirty he looked. It's a regular ol' zombie apocalypse in Nevada. Speaking of which, the zombie models look awesome as well. They look super gritty with the wounds and stuff. The environment was pretty cool as well, and that camera movement to show the zombies was pretty nice and well-timed with the music. The music was also really nice, though you should really credit the person who made it. One weird thing is that Deimos lit the cigarette with his thumb. I'm not sure if that was intentional. The slow-mo was pretty cool as well. The part where Deimos jumped over the wall didn't look that great, and he was shown going to the left, when in the next shot, he went to the right. It just broke the action axis a little. Overall, this was great, and, I hope, a taste of good things to come. You still haven't quite gotten the hang of it, but keep practicing, and I'm sure you'll be a master in no time. Seriously, this is so detailed and expressive.

ooowieee, unreal engine 4 looks a lot sexier than source, that's for sure.

good job, keep making more!