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Reviews for "Princess Apocalypse"

Hey... this actually looks challenging. Combining mouse and keys isn't frequently seen. The soundtrack is dramatic, as for apocalyptic. Stuff looks great, overall.

Nice little game when considering the art college logo, so it was probably just some kind of homework. A simple dungeon crawler with elemental magic. If you decide on continuing the work on this game I'm sure it can become a solid little piece. Also, good music.

Needs a better ending.

Just set the world on fire and you'll be good bro.

You've got the basics down, which is better than most new games on NG. The movement's still pretty floaty, and the controls aren't optimized for trackpads (you can't attack and move simultaneously). The enemy variety for a first draft is alright, but I think you could add a few others, like maybe multishot archers and unique boss monsters?

Character design is alright, but could use some improvements.

JordanBentson responds:

To be honest i kind of forgot to test out a track-pad gameplay and will be doing a few quick patches this week to make for a better experience. As for the limitations on enemy types and abilities this was a solo school project and also my very first game ever which i had a blast to work on. Thank you very much for the helpful feedback and for giving my game a try.

"Update" if you open your mouse setting and change the touch pad setting to Most Sensitive it will work now.

the concept is fine but i cant really call it a finish game, more of a demo. its very laggy which to my experience means you never optimize it to work on browser. screen size of 1280x720 is not needed when the game itself is lower than that. One thing i hated the most is how easy it is to just run away to the ending.

i needs more stuff and ways to stop people running to the end.