Reviews for "Dinogen Arena"

Really fun game. Enjoy all the loadouts and modes. Two things:

1. For scenarios [deathmatch, CTF, etc] a difficulty setting would be nice. Once you get some of the better weapons almost most of the modes become beatable, even when you play with the stats.

2. Survival is really challenging and fun but the the balance is off. It gets difficult really early and you don't have the resources to buy some of the better equipment to deal with the onslaught. So either, players should earn more money quickly/stuff should be cheaper or difficulty progression should ease up a bit after level 3. I can't stay alive long enough to even purchase some of the weapons that are only available in survival.

xWILKINx responds:

Thanks for the comments!

Have you reached max level in ranked mode? Difficulty increases as you level up and becomes even more challenging when you prestige (unlocked at max level).

For survival, it's often better to buy the Osprey airdrop for a chance at expensive weapons. Use your knife to earn more money from kills. :-)

Very Enjoyable


Man it felt dat i took some of dat L E A N boi!

I love the game rlly good and epic add more stuff tho like minigun:P