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Reviews for "Sisypush"

This is infuriating. I love it.

I think I pulled a muscle, I hate it.

Tiny Getting Over It, I like this a lot. I gotta ask though, does anything happen if you make it to the other side?

StuffedWombat responds:


you get send back to the beginning and get 1 point!

It gets easier.

If you make your goal to fiddle with the rock and get to know it better, you won't get frustrated when you fall off. Once you learned what this game has to offer, you no longer need to play this game anymore.

The key to this game is in the title, push the rock like a sissy! If you try and push it fast you will either phase over it or it wont go in the direction you want it to go. If you take your time and go platform to platform you will have a lot more fun with this game.

My sisypush count it us to 15, and the last 5 were in a row. THIS GAME IS AWSOME!