Reviews for "Sisypush"

This has even poorer controls than Getting Over It.
Pushed the stone to top, threw to the right and it bounced back.
And than it flew right through the mouse.
This happens on multiple occasions in different scenarios.
On a game like that such a flaw is game breaking.
A game should be difficult by its task and environment not by faulty design and controls.

Very similar compared to challenging games like Getting Over It. Not super original, and difficult to advance in the game without significant skill.

Got 1 point. Felt accomplished.

Never played a game that made me so mad

Good Job!

FINALLY TO THE FI- *rock pushes back to the start* 0_o nope nope nope no no im not going to play this game anymore nope nope NOPE NOPE I'M DONE! IM F^#K!NG DONE IM DONE IM DONE!!!! I SPEND 2 HOURS BRINGING THIS ROCK TO THE END AND IT F^#K!NG GOT BACK!! NOPE NOPE IM DONE IM DONEEEE!! IM DO- *elevator music starts*

really make my day...