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Reviews for "TORPEDO ATTACK"

Nice work. The physics have a good feel. I didn't realize there was a boss fight in the middle, and I couldn't see how many stars I needed under the lock for world 2, so I'm struggling to get enough stars to open it. Finally, I get 3 stars in all 10 levels, and the lock still doesn't open. Frustrated, that's when I tried the middle rectangle, and voila! I'm not stupid; I'm just a little off.

RIDETHEPIG responds:

I don't think you're off,lol, apparently you're not the only one having issues. The menu didn't make it very obvious where to go. I added in some arrows to make it more obvious.

I love the game so much!

Very fun game mate :)

Pretty fun execution of a simple control scheme that gets really challenging due to the evolving level design. this goes especially for the levels where you're forced to make sharp turns, or even learn how to lower your overall speed by rotating on a particular rhythm or boosting on the opposite way for lack of a 'brake' command.
I liked how unique the boss levels were. I managed to get to the snake boss which I found pretty brutal as an endurance, but seems manageable with enough practice and patience.
Good work!

RIDETHEPIG responds:

Thanks! I made the Master Coil a little easier, it seems like lots of people are getting stuck there.

Game breaking bug spotted, I cannot open then game because the missile never hits the target. What a shame! This used to be one of my favourite game here. Hope it gets fixed (If the developer cares enough).