Reviews for "TORPEDO ATTACK"

cOOL11! I fucking love this shit!!! KEEP UP THE great work man! you ROCK MY WORLD!!

RIDETHEPIG responds:


The Soundtrack is perfect 10/10

I love it.

It's exciting and fun.

The balance is superb, I read a comment by you stating you'll make the master coil easier, I'd rather you didn't. It was so much fun to be challenged, and when I finally beat it, it felt amazing.

Really incredible incredible game design.

Thank you.

RIDETHEPIG responds:

Thanks! I was really going for challenging game play.

I did it, I got all the medals!
This game was super frustrating but also very addictive!
It's a fun concept and I don't think I've played anything like it before.

I feel a bit stupid for being stuck on the final boss for a long time before realising what I had to do. In retrospect it was kind of obvious.

In terms of feedback I think you should mark where the edges of the map are, and make the star ranks maybe easier for world 2?

I honestly love this game. Controls are hard to learn but very good. The soundtracks are pretty good for 8 bit music. I also enjoy the level design.

This game is very challenging but very exciting and fun to play.
I like how the game teaches you all the core concepts to playing the game.

I thought there was only 10 levels but there's another WORLD?!

How is this not on Steam.

You took a concept and executed it perfectly. Good job! :)