Reviews for "TORPEDO ATTACK"

I love the game so much!

World 1-8 is TUFF to get 3 stars.
The game is not bad, but the game can softlock after beating a level and controls stop working.

Ok, but not good. The controls are hard and get unresponsive, forcing a refresh. The target times for 3 stars are near impossible as well. The way the torpedo moves makes it hard to reach the target times.

Really not my cup of tea, pplus it so,etimes just becomes unresponsive and there's nothing you can do but refresh the page

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I honestly love this game. Controls are hard to learn but very good. The soundtracks are pretty good for 8 bit music. I also enjoy the level design.

This game is very challenging but very exciting and fun to play.
I like how the game teaches you all the core concepts to playing the game.

I thought there was only 10 levels but there's another WORLD?!

How is this not on Steam.

You took a concept and executed it perfectly. Good job! :)