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Reviews for "TORPEDO ATTACK"

cOOL11! I fucking love this shit!!! KEEP UP THE great work man! you ROCK MY WORLD!!

RIDETHEPIG responds:


Very fun game mate :)

Nice work. The physics have a good feel. I didn't realize there was a boss fight in the middle, and I couldn't see how many stars I needed under the lock for world 2, so I'm struggling to get enough stars to open it. Finally, I get 3 stars in all 10 levels, and the lock still doesn't open. Frustrated, that's when I tried the middle rectangle, and voila! I'm not stupid; I'm just a little off.

RIDETHEPIG responds:

I don't think you're off,lol, apparently you're not the only one having issues. The menu didn't make it very obvious where to go. I added in some arrows to make it more obvious.

Simple and Fun gameplay no issues or complaints.

I'd say work on the colours they personally seem a bit muted to me. I was expecting some more vibrancy because of the thumbnails pink colours.

Simple but addicting! Some of the level design really made me cautious about where to steer the torpedo, and I really like that the game doesn't hit you with any cheap shoots. Good job!