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Reviews for "TORPEDO ATTACK"

I honestly love this game. Controls are hard to learn but very good. The soundtracks are pretty good for 8 bit music. I also enjoy the level design.

This game is very challenging but very exciting and fun to play.
I like how the game teaches you all the core concepts to playing the game.

I thought there was only 10 levels but there's another WORLD?!

How is this not on Steam.

You took a concept and executed it perfectly. Good job! :)

I really enjoy the game, but last time I played this (before the master coil nerf) I was actually having fun beating him, now after the nerf, I beat him in the very first try, I didn't enjoy that very much, if possible, will you add a buff back to him, apart from that, I like this game, very challenging.

I did it, I got all the medals!
This game was super frustrating but also very addictive!
It's a fun concept and I don't think I've played anything like it before.

I feel a bit stupid for being stuck on the final boss for a long time before realising what I had to do. In retrospect it was kind of obvious.

In terms of feedback I think you should mark where the edges of the map are, and make the star ranks maybe easier for world 2?

I love it.

It's exciting and fun.

The balance is superb, I read a comment by you stating you'll make the master coil easier, I'd rather you didn't. It was so much fun to be challenged, and when I finally beat it, it felt amazing.

Really incredible incredible game design.

Thank you.

RIDETHEPIG responds:

Thanks! I was really going for challenging game play.

Great game and like it is fun levels are cool and music but i think u made the boss levels bit too hard for most players its like go 0 to 100 in seconds with one flase move just saying also i think rockets gravity movement could be improved and how it turns from left to right is a little to slow i think (i dont know it could just be me) stuck at Master Coil tryed over 100 times still cant win and first key is hard the Master Coil should at least be a little a away from the door the key so close no room even try going up or down just to doge him. This boss drives me nuts just cant seem to get the hang of it.

RIDETHEPIG responds:

I made it so Master Coil doesn't run straight into you at the start. It's still super hard, but it's not such an annoying cheap shot.