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Reviews for "Mystera Legacy - Sandbox MMO"

Overall amazing game!!! I just started about 5 hours ago but haven't been able to look away from the screen yet!!! Only thing that I would like to see improved is a more organised crafting screen with subsections of different items that can be crafted in categories such as:

-bows (different types)
-swords (different types)

Other than this personal preference, I believe that this is an amazing game!!!! Keep up the amazing work Jay!!

actually a really fun game , even has a in game chat feature sweet

Nice game, but it could need a single-player version. People keep stealing my crops ;_;

Ok, so I've played this game for more than 7h straight without taking a single break. What can I say?
I can only say that this game is amazing and really addictive, plus the pixel art is simply mesmerizing and awesome. I love everything about this game so far, if I could I would give it 10 stars :D, but sadly 5 stars will have to do.
Keep up the good work! <3

Jayblue21 responds:

Holy cow that is a super nice review. I'm happy you're enjoying the game and am encouraged to keep making it better - thanks!

good game but hard to progress if your constantly burdened.

Jayblue21 responds:

Thanks! Also to help anyone who struggles with being burdened: you can upgrade your inventory carrying capacity by slaying creatures to earn Myst and then spending it on the 'Pack Rat' upgrade. There is no limit to the amount of times you can upgrade it. You can also hold more by rolling the 'Organized' trait. Of course the best way to offload your items is to build a house to keep all your stuff :D You can also rent storage in Market Square for a small amount of gold (earned from mining). Hope that helps :)