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Reviews for "MSN Euro Trance"

who is this

Hikari responds:


That bass bro!

Really nice. But what happened, that you need to re-upload a "fixed version"?
But anyway! Five stars for you, five stars for this comment, and a coffee (and maybe answer from you) for me! :D

Hikari responds:

It wasnt finished, in fact it didn't even have the 303 xD

Thank you for the comment!

Hey hey. Love it. It has the early 2000's trance like vibe. I often try to aim for this in some tracks as and this is pretty inspiring.

Well done! :)

Hikari responds:

Thanks a tun! I always wanted to emulate this style, and well, I finally did it. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Great song to drive at night too.

2005 called and it wants it's song back

what a sweet tune

Hikari responds:

hahaha Thanks, when I first started making music I wanted to make a trance song like this. 10 years later I did it!