Reviews for "The Monster Under The Bed - JohnBob Legends"

This is incredible, while I do agree with the comment below about how the animation is choppy at some points and amazing at others; this is a great animation overall.

Told you I wouldn't miss this. The animation was a bit choppy at times, but it was amazing at others. The story was interesting and you did not disappoint with the weird imagery. The voice acting was pretty nice, and the music really added a lot. Speaking of, where did you get it? Did you make it or did someone else make it? Anyways, there were some flaws, like when he fell into the hole as the bunny, he just looks regular when he's in there. Maybe this was to represent switching dreams, but it wasn't very clear. Also, when the bad guy started chasing him in the cave, they went left, but in the next shot, they're running right. Maybe this was supposed to represent the inconsistency of dreams or something? The humor was pretty nice, with him making up the friendship stuff, and the Sailor Moon transformation. I also appreciate how he was just sorta cool with some things and I really liked the bit where he's just smiling and is like "Please don't say that". I feel like John Bob could have been a bit more scared throughout the whole thing, though. The villain was interesting but his voice and awkward laugh, as well as somewhat cliched nature kinda brought him down a bit. I do like how he just casually jumped out the window at the end. I like that he's not too serious as well. Overall, I'd say this was a fun little adventure with some really good animation and imagery , and cool music, but it could use some voice acting tweaks.

JohnimationStudios responds:

Music was taken from various places on the internet, but a few main themes used throughout the video were made by my good friend Clockwork Inc. (These are ones I used more than once.) Thanks for the constructive criticism.

The red button on a cassette player is the record button not the play button, the "skeleton in the closet" is referring to a dark secret someone is hiding not a boogie man.

Beautiful animation, well done, loved the characters and the style, I loved it.

JohnimationStudios responds:

I am aware what "skeleton in the closet" means, i just used it here for the flowery language. When Taswell says it he knows what it means but instead is using the phrase to fit his own meaning.
Thanks for pointing out the cassette player, the fact I got that wrong really shows my age. However, since the sequence is in a dream world I have an alibi, as inconsistencies are commonplace in dreams. Kind of a cop-out, I know ;D


I like this short. it's adorable, creepy and awseme. I LOVE the villen. (you should do more villens like this) I also like the seane wheres sailor moon outfit. (amazing film) (PS sorry about the misspellings)

JohnimationStudios responds:

Thanks! And if you liked that villain, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi1bhf-wptk&t
Actually perhaps these two characters are too similar :"D