Reviews for "The Monster Under The Bed - JohnBob Legends"

i love it. the art is great but the voice acting is good in some parts it could be a little better

Great animation, like the unique facial expression, however you should work on better voice acting and dialogue . Other than that it was great. Awesome idea of having the story be dreamlike as it goes good with the animation. The animation is good just keep on working on everything else.

Good tip for your comedy punch lines.
At the end of his sailor moon trans formation (Haaa see what I did there?) The comedic punch would have been bigger if you would have totally went all out for a good 'presentation interruption'....like TA TADAAAAAAA *Record scratch stop then silence* O.O;............. " Instead the sailor trans song ended a little bit as if on cue, like he had planned to feel ashamed at that point it takes away credibility from the scene. Then the sound when he dropped on the bed was not needed.
Now 'Bunny Cypher" sounds a little like bill cypher, but the distorted audio in his voice is a good touch.
The rest of your audio though including sound effects sound like you did it inside a room with insulated concrete walls. If its not that
The Echo in the music is a good addition to the THEME of the episode, but it sounds like it came from a Casio 1/4 size piano from the 80's, heighten the treble a little with some bass, have the audio sound like its coming from YOUR movie, not another recorder.
Quit being racist by joining the "Lets blame Obama for everything" bandwagon. You might as well be spitting out "All Lives Matter" in your video as that is just a protest to another protest. Obama didn't do anything wrong, Bush just handed him the keys to a sinking ship is all, and since Bush left, our pointing fingers simply moved over to the scapegoat-err I mean current president.
"Oh snap Obama couldn't fix America in a few hours?! ITS ALL HIS FAULT THEN!"
So... recap.

-Clean up your audio. (If your character is outside, he shouldn't sound like he is in a small room, this can kill the credibility of a scene that many have worked hard on. ) You could try to use software for that if you don't wanna lug around mikes everywhere. OR write your story IN That room lol. or cave... or arena... or basement etc...)

-Work on your punch lines! keep it simple! Try to emulate the effect of an honest mistake you have made. Maybe you twitch a certain way when you realize you have made a mistake... a creepy smile when you are in an awkward situation?
Maybe when scared you yell, when you see a hot boy/girl/whatever you drool a little? THAT! or rather THOSE! etc. Take those reactions and exaggerate them a little more. Give it a little extra time on screen just to pull that punch line (just not too much.)

Expressing feelings feeling in more detail and in an exaggerated way without trying to 'rub it in' to the viewer can help bridge connections between the viewer and the character of your play.

- If you are going to pursue or try to glue a political joke to your cartoons... make sure its something you can explain in detail... Or its something you have gone through personally. Your Obama joke seemed forced... To boot we didn't need to hear a play-by-play of what we were already watching. And your dude didn't sound genuinely disturbed or annoyed that he was watching the dream.... kind of felt like he was reading / dictating what he was saying...

You could have changed his mood to a cheerful tone of delight as he described his painful Obama dream to himself. Or annoyance with extra annotations of annoyance in certain topics? lol Okay whats wrong wasn't the tone... it was the acting...

Watch-Look up a random conversation in Youtube and look away from the screen as you listen... You will note that the conversation sounds fake, well annunciated, sometimes even cited correctly lol like this personal example

Ex A.)
"Oh dear me" I say to particularly no one and no recording device at all near me. "I am sure glad I was able to CLEAN the HOUSE today after that party that included my best friends and my boss! *Laughter in background as dog walks in the house. "Oh No! Sparky!!" *Crowd cheers and applauds dog


sees character cleaning the house picking up used cocktail glasses, wine glasses, and scotch glasses with liquid in them all luke warm. The phone rings as the person cleaning suddenly answers it.
"Hello? Oh Hey... no... no I got a big head ache from last nights party... I didn't know my boss could hang... The whole bottle is gone! I think we are going to do this again next week with some friends and people from work... Ugh im gonna vote we go to a bar next time! The person says as a loud thump is suddenly heard from the kitchen. followed by thunder and wind outside.

"I guess its raining out... *another thump in the kitchen followed by the sound of a small rattling chain link and shaking. "Oh God FIDO's WET-FIDO-FIDO No-No-No-Ill CALL YOU BACK-!"

The animation is good, but between 3:00 - 4:00 you used a song that is property of C418 and requires at least that you credit him in the description attaching links to his social media pages (bandcamp, twitter, c418.org, etc). Thank you

I don't like this version of never ending Nemo's journey. . . . .I LOVES IT! The music, kinda like those old cartoon shows with the intense synth music.

The animation, ok but creative and is not distracting or everywhere.

Lastly, the voice acting. I know this guy does not have any voice actors on stand by, but I would be down to voice some stuff in something like this.

Over all, this was a fun watch, original, creative, and just fun to see what he made here.
Good job John Bob, you earned ya self a watch.