Reviews for "The Monster Under The Bed - JohnBob Legends"

That was a fun movie!

What a nice little story you got there, buddy boy! And with enticing moving pictures too!

frickin amazing

Something fresh

I love the dark blue theme as it starts out and turns into a happy theme, So this was new and fresh I like this because it was kind of different sort of like when you get a new spray or fragrance its fresh different and you want to check it all out.

I would ad some extra effects in some action points.


This is a good movie,one of the best I've seen in my life.normal story and characters,but voice actor slightly do not reach and partly banal story.But so it's good comedy(especially that moment when he trasfom a Sailor Moon,a was a "AHHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH" situation.
Good Job and Good Luck bro;)