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Reviews for "Rat Hunting"

This is one of my favorite submissions from you! It's mostly because it actually had video footage in it! That's a huge first for you. I do get tired of these bland drawings all the time. Once again, I'm glad I didn't have to deal with this. Wait, I did have a bug problem.

Luckily, we bought traps for it. So glad to see what these things really looked like. Your voice is as funny as ever. This is the best cartoon I've seen all month! I can always count on you for funny stuff. It helps that they're real.

Very good.

Hilarious! My favorite jokes were the orangatun, the scissors, and the mouse v. rat one. Your storytelling skills are great, and you have this constant edge to your voice that makes your delivery that much better. Keep up the great work!

this was pretty good!

That was funny!

This is the stuff i want to see on Newgrounds, actual comedy that is original. I liked the jokes, but i also noticed that your shooting skills suck, like HOW couldn't you shoot that darn rat? Even my grandmother could of shot it!