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Reviews for "NG Modern Redesign"

I gotta say, I really really like this design. Combining the portals with the bar at the top would be really nice and make everything look more smooth, and I love how the placement of movies and games would make them stand out even more and make everything look less cluttered. I do think that showing icons with supporter icons would make it look more homey, but I'm not much of a graphic designer so it's probably best to take that out anyway.

I don't really have much to say since you elaborated a lot in the description (which is absolutely not a bad thing) or anything to give feedback for aside from non-objective stuff.

willKMR responds:

Thanks Oddlem! I could definitely find a way to sneak some Supporter labels in there.

That followed creators section definitely is a new feature, it gives us much more steamlined information compared to "Your Feeds". You should see Luis' redesign layouts too, it's similar to what we got now.

willKMR responds:

Thanks soliton. I like Luis's stuff, the orange margin background is a nice take on the color scheme.

So awesome, bruh, keep doing you

willKMR responds:

Can do Ludwig!

oh yeah looks realllll nice. love the font choice too. all up for this new design, very convenient and pleasing to look at

willKMR responds:

Thanks warestar. Yeah, forgot to mention in the write-up but i find NG's standard Arial(?) pretty hard to look at so took a card out of Itch.io's hand and went full Lato everywhere.

I actually like this design more tbh. Looks a lot nicer.