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Reviews for "NG Modern Redesign"

Looks great

I actually like this design more tbh. Looks a lot nicer.

oh yeah looks realllll nice. love the font choice too. all up for this new design, very convenient and pleasing to look at

Will responds:

Thanks warestar. Yeah, forgot to mention in the write-up but i find NG's standard Arial(?) pretty hard to look at so took a card out of Itch.io's hand and went full Lato everywhere.

I do like the design -- it's wide, looks expansive, gives people reason to explore more.

But Featured Audio and Featured Art are missing, and I wonder if this layout would take away from that. Also, we don't know if Tom and co are planning the Writing Portal, and how it'd take shape (and how content from there would be featured).

Will responds:

Featured Audio and Featured Art would be right underneath! This is just showing the top of the site before you scroll.

So awesome, bruh, keep doing you

Will responds:

Can do Ludwig!