Reviews for "Horizons"

It's been a while since I did R4R but now I have something for others to review so here we go

- Atmosphere and sound design in the into was pristine
- Drum and bass was done well - good intensity for the genre
- You kept my interest well, as never when I listened did the piece get boring
- Outro was conclusive and worked effectively

- If the melody stuff had some harmony it would be super cool!
- Guitar sounds dry, especially when surrounded by a bunch of wet reverb-y stuff. And I realize that the guitar actually has a lot of delay, but there are sections where the other sounds cover up that delay and then it sounds dry.
- Because the bass is so gritty, you rely on the bells to provide the bass note rather than the actual bass - this restricts your melodic content to always include that bass note on the downbeat, so I would have tried using some sort of sub sound in a similar frequency to the low bell note so that you can play around more with the melody

Overall: A solid track with good atmosphere, well-done drums and bass, and a cohesive, interesting structure - could have used more variation and melodic candy, but as it stands the track is superb!

5TanLey responds:

the guitar has delay only during that middle break, I had to cut fx in the drops a bit because it started to sound like a big muddy wall of reverb and delay

thanks for the advice and quality review :)

I really like this, it's mixed really nicely. The drums could be a little louder, but other than that, great track! :D

5TanLey responds:

thx dood