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Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Murder Case"

Another amazing game, Muja. The game looked better then the others BUT, the outside of Arumph's farm looked different then all the other backgrounds, how come? PS: the new deaduction system update is amazing, good job! :D

Muja responds:

Thank you, glad you liked the new deaduction system!

As always a great game! What I liked is that I couldn't spot a single grammatical error and/or bug, also the new system where you choose the suspect makes it fairly challangeing.

Only flaw is that the area of Arumphs farm looked way too two-dimensional and somewhat disproportionate. Still, that's not worthy of taking away a star :P

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot! I put extra effort with the dialogues and the testing this time, glad it shows!

another great game. i really like the perfect combination of humour accompanied by a well thought out case. your English is also very good by the way! hope you have time to make a new game whilst working on your greenlit game :D. good luck bro!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your kind review and for your support!

Best medal game ever!!

Muja responds:

Thanks! Have a medal!

Wow, This one was really good. It also had the characters from my favorite case return, and I thought they wouldn't make it back until the steam release. Awesome! I was a bit worried we were going to have a repeat of that case, but you proved me wrong.


I found no bugs this time around, and that's actually extremely good. Really solid quality for something made for free, and I'm left wondering why you even give us peasants this when you could absolutely just go radio silent and work on the steam game. I wouldn't even be mad if you did.

The new deduction system upgrade I feel is pretty nice, and it is much clearer with what is wrong and eliminates a lot of guess and check work. It's definitely welcome, and actually made my guess pretty tense when I got to the end.

While i'm on that topic though, I'd like to voice why I thought the deduction system was weak before-hand. Initially, It was a great mental exercise that forced you to pay attention, and really connect the dots, all to work up to one singular conclusion.

I think the system was at it's weakest in "A curse in disguise", being used more like gates to just drop options on you, and you actually still have lots to deduce after you find all the conclusions in that one. (I might have said this on that game as well, sorry if I did.)

I think a much stronger example is in "Vs the nine deaths cat" right in the intro. When you're trying to guess her profession, it gives you a tutorial without having any text boxes whatsoever, and I think it's a genius sequence. There is a ton of different outcomes that come out by just trying to think through it on your own, and every single one is plausible, from just three clues. I think that is what the deduction system should be like, and this game actually replicated that pretty well. (And the rest of the game is extremely good with it as well, for that matter!)

This one was very very good by having clues that only relate to certain suspects, and having you weigh which ones are truly relevant. No fancy tricks, just you and your brain.

I really liked having the side conclusion you could come to with rumble. Reminded me of an earlier game where you do the same with ghvnn.

The story is good and fun to go through, one-eye got a bit smarter from last time it seems, but everyone is still enjoyable. The humor was there, definitely had some fun pokes you could take at people.

Personal favorite part by /far/ is the librarian. I swear, I had no idea when I commented last game about how funny it would be if he pulled his gun, and then it ACTUALLY happened.
I had a good few chuckles at that. Seems that even margh has his limits.

That ending actually succeeded in pulling a frown from me as well, seeing acka talk about the damage that had been done. Well done with that.

I was a bit disappointed when it was said that lurr was gone. Obviously he would've had no point, but I liked the relationship that was built up with him and margh. I still remember the dialogue where he said he was terrifying a human to "help it grow" or something to that effect, with a guy strapped to a table next to him.

On the topic of humans though, you actually went into the differences between a zombie and a human, and that is really interesting to me. I feel like there's actually a lot that could be explored with the world that is set up here, and it really drew me in with the question of "How ARE humans doing in this world?"

I'm very sure you're tired of reading through my giant walls by this point, so i'm just going to leave this one here. I'm going to be buying that steam release with a smile on my face.

P.S. RIP doggo, didn't see him anywere ;c

Muja responds:

And once again, thank you very much for your nice and detailed review, I loved reading this.
To answer your "questions":

- yeah, I think I like this new hint system more, too; I came up with it to address some of the flaws you highlighted, and more; I'm glad you guys liked the new one!
- ahah, glad you liked the librarian bit - I had so much fun writing that part!
- if you want to know more about the human side of this world, check out the new episode "Graves & Secrets"... the subject gets explored a bit more in there, too!

Thank you for sticking around for so long and for your great support, I hope I won't disappoint you with the desktop game (working hard on it!)