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Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Murder Case"

I must say that this is the best one so far. The characters and settings always keep me coming back to this series, and this one did not disappoint. The humor was also on point (pointing a gun at Gulp had me in stitches). One thing that I suggest is adding a feature that allows the player to look at dialogue that has already been said, just in case they missed something or accidentally skipped over a piece of dialogue. Overall, I'm really enjoying having these games come out frequently, and I am definitely going to get the Zombie Society game that hits Steam.

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your very helpful review, I'll see if I can implement your suggestion in the next game!

great game as always. the hint problem has yet to be resolved which is extremely disappointing i hope it is fixed in future games.

Fun game

Fun game especially as this starts off with some dialog that was pretty cool, You should have some voices with the dialog that would be one idea, the idea of the characters in "PIXEL" that was cool the music was notbad either, the "MEDALS" were cool but could see you adding even more medals, the "GRAPHICS" are really good very nice on the eyes.

You should have some voices with the dialog that would be one idea, Decent medal options here but seemed like there was just too little, especially when it just started getting good, you should add more medals, alot more, something to think about.


Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your nice review!

Would it be okay if I drew one of your characters?

Muja responds:

Of course, go for it!

Fucking snitch damn

Muja responds:

... ok..?