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Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Murder Case"

Max score again! I like the new Help section. Two things I took off half a star for: the first thing I did in the game was click on the corpse, and then, when I was stuck in the game a long time later, I tried clicking the corpse again, and got a new clue. I shouldn't have to click on the same object twice to get all the clues from it. Also, there were a few clue bugs that I noticed, like when interrogating the old farmer about my clues, he would give responses to clues that were clearly meant for other clues.

Muja responds:

Hmm, I'll have to double check the dialogues of Arumph, then...
Thank you for your review!

Nice game. I liked the mystery, it was well put together. (Although I'm starting to forget people from the past games, like who Lurr is...)

I didn't get the new deduction system, though. I kept changing deductions hoping it would switch the suspect. This new system is probably better, but needs new wording. Instead of hovering over to say "Confirm Conclusion", it probably needs to say "Change or Accuse the Suspect" or something to confirm that the suspect can be changed that way.

Muja responds:

Thank you for your review, glad you enjoyed the game!

I should probably put some kind of warning, because not many players noticed I introduced a little optional tutorial to teach you the basics of the new deaduction system.
I'll do it for the next game - and your suggestions are good, by the way, so thanks!

Awsome as always

Muja responds:

Thank you!

I've first played the franchise around 2016. now im back. Ah, how relieving to come back to something awesome! It felt like i was gone for 7 years xD (it was just now that i have a NG account). I'd have to play every game part that i missed before this.

Muja responds:

2016?? Man, how time flies!
Thank you for your support, very glad you joined us here on Newgrounds!
If you want to check all the episodes you've missed, visit my profile and follow the order of publishing - this is the eighth installment in the series!

finally solve the case took me 3 days but so many finger pointing high score

Muja responds:

Great work!