Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Murder Case"

Nice game. I liked the mystery, it was well put together. (Although I'm starting to forget people from the past games, like who Lurr is...)

I didn't get the new deduction system, though. I kept changing deductions hoping it would switch the suspect. This new system is probably better, but needs new wording. Instead of hovering over to say "Confirm Conclusion", it probably needs to say "Change or Accuse the Suspect" or something to confirm that the suspect can be changed that way.

Muja responds:

Thank you for your review, glad you enjoyed the game!

I should probably put some kind of warning, because not many players noticed I introduced a little optional tutorial to teach you the basics of the new deaduction system.
I'll do it for the next game - and your suggestions are good, by the way, so thanks!

As always a fun and "brain teasing" game. I momentarily confused by the new deaduction system and don't recall encountering a tutorial, but I managed to figure it out. After playing all your previous games, it's nice to come back again into zombie society. I do feel that this particular case was somewhat simple and shorter than others however, I am looking forward to the full version! Keep up the great work!

Muja responds:

Thank you for your nice review!

You can find the tutorial by clicking on the red "help" button in the deaduction screen!

This was one of the best in the series, the interactive dynamics of it really stood out to me.

Muja responds:

Thank you, very glad you think so!

Good ZS episode as always.

The new deaduction system is OK. Not a real difference from the old system actually. My only complaint is that I was afraid to press the "Confirm conclusion" button because it lead to finishing the game in earlier episodes. Now it is necessary to let you change the suspect. Without prior knowledge this is probably more understandable by displaying one more step in Margh's thought process.

Why did Pizza maker change his name? To escape bad reputation? Nice touch.

I find it hard to believe that a zombie smart enough to learn human reading would put so blind a trust in his former employer to take him back. I think he would be smart enough to make a deal before committing the crime.

Realistically this should have happened - Arumph and Cham would have done this crime together. After Margh would reveal their motives police would have found some traces of poison in Cham's apartment and he would have been arrested. Arumph, while strongly suspect would deny having any connections to this and would have remained free due to lack of evidence. This is how it most often happens - small fry executioners get arrested but the big bosses remain free and wash their hands in innocence.

I find in naive and unrealistic that Margh didn't even suspect Arumph in the correct solution and in my first try I thought them both guilty. He should have defiantly suspected him but his guilt should have remained beyond proof.

If we want to get even more realistic then Margh has no evidence - he just has motive. If autopsy would have been performed and Cham would deny the motive, then Police would have found Ghighi guilty to murder due to negligence. It would require some professonal interrogation work to put pressure on Cham to make him confess, but Arumph's fault would be unprovable.

Muja responds:

Hello MeGa-wise, and thank you for your nice and detailed review, as always!
I'll answer you point by point:

- I understand your problems with the new deaduction system, but even the old system would ask you for a second confirmation before ending the game; besides, this time I added a "tutorial" to help people understand how the new one works, hope it was useful!

- It's not like Cham is that smart, he's "obsessed". The librarian said that a zombie can read a book written by a brain with "enough trainining", and that's all there is to it in this case. If he was that smart he would have found a better job than a delivery boy for a zombie pizza place

- Arumph is cleared of suspicions once even his employees confirm that he didn't want anything to do with Cham anymore and refused to see him any further, which means it would have been impossible for the two of them to prepare this plan together

Anyway, hope you liked the game and had fun! A new one is on the way!

As always a great game! What I liked is that I couldn't spot a single grammatical error and/or bug, also the new system where you choose the suspect makes it fairly challangeing.

Only flaw is that the area of Arumphs farm looked way too two-dimensional and somewhat disproportionate. Still, that's not worthy of taking away a star :P

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot! I put extra effort with the dialogues and the testing this time, glad it shows!