Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Murder Case"

I had a great time solving this case, it was super fun and interesting. I encountered two bugs/issues but they didn't affect the gameplay. When you enter the dead brain's cell after Acka leaves for the entrance, you can still talk to Acka in the cell although she appears somewhere else on the farm. Another bug I encountered was when I was leaving Acka's farm. When I went right towards the entrance of the farm it stopped and sat there until I clicked on the screen again. Margh had some dialogue there but it disappeared quickly and I appeared at the entrance of the farm again. Other than those bugs I had an absolutely great time. The story was interesting and the game wasn't too easy. I really like the updated deaduction system, it was a bit easier to solve the case and connect clues in this game than in previous ones. Great job :)

Muja responds:

Thank you for your nice review!
The bugs you mentioned should be fixed by now!

Art is cool as always, though there is a bit of a disconnect between the backgrounds and some objects, or between backgrounds themselves. I do like the way you redid the deaduction system in the sense that you no longer have to arrange different combinations of clues for the solution to pop up even htough you've already figured it out. However, I'm used to there being a solution for every possible character being the culprit, so the first time around I gt the wrong thing because I didn't think to check the 'choose another suspect' option because i checked it before and no new options were showing up, and I thought that if I got the right deaductions it would just show up somewhere else on the page. Also, the fact that there were two conclusions, one about the brain, and one about the main culprit, may have confused me a bit. Otherwise, the story is good and makes sense, though the bit about the guy not turning into a zombie because he was already dead when the brain was eaten, was a bit confusing and maybe could have been explained better. Overall, another cool game, with some interesting updates that may need some getting used to.

Muja responds:

Thank you for your very detailed review, much appreciated!

Great game, like any of them!
Anyways, there are a few bugs (that's why it's just 4.5 stars):
the symbols about cham being or not being able to poison, as well as their mousover texts, are shown the wrong way round;
about Ghighi's money and reputation, it's the same just about the text;
about expired products or proved by authrity, instead of "Ghighi might have been using bad products for his pizzas", it shows the basic info for the deduction.

You can't jump to Acka's farm while inside the pizza palace.

Muja responds:

Thank you, glad you liked the game!
And once again, thank you for your precious feedback - thanks to your help, I've fixed all the bugs you mentioned with a new version of the game I've just uploaded!

Another day at the detective's work! And another great game with interesting plot. Although it has several flaws and bugs, mostly happening at the Lurr's farm:
1. There seems to be a problem with leaving the rooms fluently. When going out of the location with One-Eye after clicking on the exit Margh moves, then stands still and then after you click again the transition animation of the screen getting dark etc. finally happens;
2. When you try to leave the location near the stairs, where Acka is standing you click on the right part of the screen, Margh moves there and disappears, nothing happens, then you click again and just before the screen finally goes black you see a speaking bubble with the text "I don't think it is a good idea" or some other text like that.
3. A bit funny: when you return to the dead brain's cell Acka is still talking to you (as a ghost? can a zombie become a ghost?) despite she is no longer there. You can even click on the place she is standing while being invisible.
4. A minor issue: for some reason my score was not posted at the first time.
One remark: this new deaduction system - everybody noticed the pun? ;-) made this game a bit too easy. It shouldn't be too hard to combine all the clues in your brain, it hasn't been eaten ;-) Additionally I had a feeling that this game is easier than the previous ones.
By the way, this game gave me some thoughts:
1. If the zombies cannot die again then is the "murder" crime present in their Penal Code?
2. Would the "murderer" be charged of his crime because he murdered a brain or because he caused some financial losses to the Lurr's farm?
3. If the Zombie Society is "farming" people like people are doing it with animals then how would it be handled generally? Maybe we would come to a conclusion that zombies treat people in a more humanitarian way than we treat the animals?

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your review - and for your detailed feedback, it's very appreciated!
I've just uploaded a new version of the game that will fix all the bugs you mentioned.

As for your other questions:
1- Murder crime is present in their Penal Code because even if zombies cannot die, living humans can, and
2- killing a living without eating him is considered a big crime, as it's a waste of brains (a very rare resource nowadays)
3- Living humans are raised with the utmost care... until their brains have matured enough and can be extracted. All in all, I'd say that's very similiar to how we treat animals in "classic" farms.