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Reviews for "Clock Crew Tournament of Champions"

lUlz!!!1+ Buff StrawberryClock is so sexu+++ and voted 5.

Ushnor responds:

I see you are a person of taste as well. There's nothing more attractive than a strawberry.

cool clocks don't look at explosions

Ushnor responds:

but bb10 was looking at it


We'll have to send scientists to research this farther

Wow this movie was really gay you know that?

Ushnor responds:


once again, its an excellent movie of the awesome clock-god of thunder, thor-clock (TM).

i really liked how all the clocks in this film rallied for two different sides in one topic:
to like anime, or to not like anime.

on the evil side, we had triangle (obviously), floppydisk (what?!), and strawberry clock (impossible!).
on the good side, we had the heroic thor-clock (ofc), the strong polyhedron (v. strong), and the legendary bb10 (a great swordsman, from what i've heard).

then, the battle wages on. love, conflict, betrayal and fear, all of the human emotions collide and emerge in this epic battle royale, as heroes and villains fall alike, and the duel between weaboo's and anime-haters wages on...

eventually, as the battle comes to an end, and only two heroes remain, the fate of anime rests on two people: SBC and BB10.
the ending was too superb for me to describe, so i will not spoil it to the other viewers.
watch it, and be impressed by thor-clock's great storytelling skills.

my only complaints about this movie was that:
it should be longer,
bb10 should be more muscular (we need accuracy!), and he should also be carrying a sword, but apart from those minor details, the movie itself was perfect!

excellent work, 10/10, it was very kawaii, and i say: arigato senpai!
keep it up, and do more epic movies like this.

Ushnor responds:

You can not use your sword for such minor conflicts. What would your senpai think if you unleashed your full power?

a n i m e i s g a y.

Ushnor responds:

Wrong! Anime is not gay! You beast!