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Reviews for "Gym Jane"

bout time linda,s smokin hot tbh !

This game is really good i'm huge fan to all sorts of this creativity. But you know, come to think of it. i'm not really sure how diverse the porn/art community is o.0? i promise this isn't me being ignorant or sexist. Out of curiousity, how diverse is the furry/porn art indusrty anyway? o.0. You know, nowadays we ask the question about equality and what's morally acceptable. Honestly, i think it would be a whole new outlook if we more open about it regurdless o.o. So, that why i'm asking the question, how diverse is it o.0? If equality in diversity is important then, there should be no shame doing what we love. just saying.

Playing through each character again shows them naked the whole time, and I find it funny that way when Mia and Linda ask how you like their outfits.

Honestly one of the best games on newgrounds in awhile and I love to see more of your stuff fam.
You were some of my first faps back in the day and you still coming out with that gud shit.

Good work, my man! I can't wait for your next game!