Reviews for "Gym Jane"

It's an alright quick play game
Furry's not really my thing a whole lot

But to be honest the one you put as hard mode ended up being the easiest one to figure out

Then again maybe I just understand the psychology of how a mistress/master would act

Personally I could never tell if you wanted me to be more playful with certain characters
The other two actually seemed really similar to me, neither of them were really playful or open with their body (aside from the sauna maybe...)

I expected easy mode to want to play around get ass slapped or rip the towel from them in a funny way but it never really panned out
Either way the art isn't terrible but not great either you could use a little more work on that
On the other hand the animation is a little more dynamic certainly could always use different expressions during different times like in on animation you have her loop from one face with open eyes and drooling to claws or appendages gripping and eyes tightly closed if you catch my drift.

Anyway keep it up I'm sure you'll get better at it

Just out of curiosity, I beat all 3 routes and I was wondering if there were any secrets or rewards for doing so?