Reviews for "Gym Jane"

Honestly, this was pretty fun. I liked the animation and art style, but it could use some improvements. Overall, except for Ri, the characters were a little similar. I agree with other people saying that Mia should've had more of the "Spank Dat Ass" type gags for the flirty, kinky stuff, but she was still unique enough compared to Linda. This was worth the time to figure out how to get all of the ending cutscenes.

Nice concept and artwork,but the animations are not rewarding enough..

the characters were pretty cliche about it but it wasn't that bad. For some reason the love level based off answers worked surprisingly well and i usually don't like that but maybe it was because it was obvious about it. animation and visuals are ok and sound effects a lil stuffy for lack of words but they work fine. i like how the different characters were also a difficulty but i felt even Ri wasn't too hard

This game is really good i'm huge fan to all sorts of this creativity. But you know, come to think of it. i'm not really sure how diverse the porn/art community is o.0? i promise this isn't me being ignorant or sexist. Out of curiousity, how diverse is the furry/porn art indusrty anyway? o.0. You know, nowadays we ask the question about equality and what's morally acceptable. Honestly, i think it would be a whole new outlook if we more open about it regurdless o.o. So, that why i'm asking the question, how diverse is it o.0? If equality in diversity is important then, there should be no shame doing what we love. just saying.

bout time linda,s smokin hot tbh !