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Reviews for "Ambidextrous 0"

This game was pretty enjoyable. It's mostly because of how it's something different from you. I think it worked out quite well. I admit it was a tad boring. I mean, it was just these hands walking around. Still, it was quite fun.

It's nice to have this music too. It's good for a quick play. The medals didn't show up on screen. I'm so used to seeing them.

The game is very good. Unfortunately, I'm very bad. Damn clumsy fingers!

An interesting combination of levels, but with 2 bugs, including one pack of major bugs, without them I would rate it with 5 stars:
1. The smaller one: at the platformer stage lots of times you are getting stucked on the floor while trying to go left/right. It's like you met an invisible wall there. The same can happen when you are trying to push a crate. You cannot just go back and forth hoping to finally get through, you have to jump over that place to continue.
2. The pack of bugs during the pong levels:
a) the ball can bounce in a way in which afterwards it will continue bouncing horizontally from left wall to the right one, there is nothing you can do about it except restarting the level;
b) it can also happen that the ball will bounce between the wall and the paddle and then go straight downwards bypassing the paddle;
c) the most annoying one: even if you move the paddle as far to the right as you can the ball can still bounce between the paddle and the wall. This one is unacceptable and should be fixed.