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Reviews for "Juicy Wow!"

I really don't why but I found this fucking hilarious and now "Give me a Juicy Wow" is my favorite god damn sentence ever uttered.

This is fucking amazing.

Oh boy, your style is weird. I liked the guy's song, just like in Puppy Power. There was some neato weirdness, like when he was looking in through the winder and when he started screaming due to the horrible mutilation he inflicted upon himself. Also, the idea of that is very weird. I have some trouble talking about this. It's just so weird, I can't explain it. All I can say is the weirdness fits the character. I also like the way he says "Juicy Wow" (and the fact that that means nothing). Her saying "Iraq" and unusual methods of preparing souffle are cool as well.

This is what is newgrounds about - about dicks and jokes about dicks.

This shit is ugly. Yet strangely entertaining. You would be perfect for Adult Swim