Reviews for "Party Time - Montage 2"

Awesome action, dude! Seriously, the fight choreography is so energetic and pretty unique. I like the pixelated bits as well, though not as much. Though you gotta love that life count face in the corner. Even those parts manage to be really well animated. You had a cool camera movement in there as well, and the music is cool too. Keep working on this, it's pure eye candy!

DenXVII responds:

Thanks ! I'll do my best to make the remaining scenes even better !

your first montage was better, atleast that's my opinion. but doesn't mean this one isn't a great one! cuz it truely IS!
keep up the great work!

DenXVII responds:

I see what you mean, the pacing is slowing down here but it's intentional.
The best is yet to come. ;3

it's nice. I really like it. Cant wait for the full thing.

DenXVII responds:

Me too ! °3°
I'm currently working on a shorter animated clip (Bacon Project) wich will be finished soon, then I'll go back to work on Party Time.
Sorry for the delay ! :P

Interesting but...
So repeatly and...
He has infinity ammo??? xd

DenXVII responds:

Well, it's like in the movies... it's never very realistic.
At least I put a reload scene in the middle. ^_^

Great work nice and fluid. Great artwork and styling.

My only critique is that the weapon animation is slightly wrong. Cocking handle doesn't go forward until you pull the trigger on that type of sub-machine gun. When cocking it it just stays to the rear, until you pull the trigger...

DenXVII responds:

Well, I'm no expert but I tried to get it as accurate as possible.
On the video references I watched, the handle is on forward position so I followed that.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM21B3LFDFI (see at 0:35)