Reviews for "Party Time - Montage 2"

That music really has a DOOM-like vibe to it, and the action: intense! Fun to see the changes between the different stages of animation, and in this case it was quite a long scene to watch through too. The shoot-em-up bit gives me some real House Of The Dead vibes too. I guess this'll be all animation but some kind of spin-off game in that style would be pretty cool! Promo game? Looking forward to more of these, or: the final thing.


DenXVII responds:

Yeah I would like to make a game out of it but sadly I have no experience into game engines.

Really nice volume with the CU of the machine gun! All of it is great!

DenXVII responds:

Thanks !
It takes a long time to get this result.

Interesting but...
So repeatly and...
He has infinity ammo??? xd

DenXVII responds:

Well, it's like in the movies... it's never very realistic.
At least I put a reload scene in the middle. ^_^


so clean and good

I wish in one day I will make my cleans as good as those rough.

DenXVII responds:

Actually, my roughs are too clean...
I get that all the time from other animators. :P