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Reviews for "The 2nd Wilhelm Tragedy"

Holy Moly, this was amazing, this visuals were stunning, alongside the plot and the music. It made for a real nice treat! I really hope this one is the one that wins! Good luck

Keep up the good work!!!!!!! :-)

Welp you've done it again, absolutely fantastic. The art style looks like astro boy but with your own twist. I have no idea how you were able to do this in such a short amount time but it is mighty impressive!

KarlSia responds:

Astro boy? That's a nice observation, I hadn't realized until you mentioned it. It was a struggle for sure getting this done in 2 weeks, had to cut off a lot of stuff and make quick changes on the go. And thanks!

I MUST know what happens!!!!!

KarlSia responds:

Good! Your enthusiasm is very much appreciated haha!