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Reviews for "The 2nd Wilhelm Tragedy"

great draw animated

I call hax.

Jesus christ, Karl. You blew this beyond any expections. You are going to one of those to keep an eye out throughout this Jam. And If I dare say, someone who'll might win this overall. (Grrr)

You are an amazing animator and a challenge throughout >:V

This is fantastic. I loved the music, and the visuals are great. It has the 1930s aesthetic, but it also felt like a giant robot anime. Really outstanding work.

Really great job! Smooth animation. I love the small organic details like the moustache flying off the guy's face <3

I had to rewatch the previous one before writing this to try and find the links. I believe the reason the title of the other one was *prison* of the clairvoyant was because-and SPOILER ALERT here for anyone who might wanna make their own interpretation-is because the main character of that was the monster in this one and the only way to stop her was to imprison her in her own mind. After all, this is the 2nd Wilhelm Tragedy. Maybe every time she falls asleep she's forced to become the blue eyed monster, and the people clearly know of the monster from before, seeing as how it was THE blue-eyed monster and not A blue-eyed monster. They both have long hair and in the last one, when she's about to fall asleep, her eyes turn blue. Also, as for the links, it's the "for Brie" mixtape thing and the sunken robot head. I was really curious how you were gonna connect this to the previous jam entry, and you did it pretty well. It felt different, and was a good entry on its own. The music was nice and pretty fitting for the action without standing out in the 30's aesthetic. The animation was OK, but the whole thing was pretty fun to watch, the style was fantastic, and it was made in two weeks. It went real dark real fast, but the ending was still fun. The visuals for the body switching were interesting and it was clear what happened. Overall, a great entry and a cool addition to the story.