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Reviews for "The 2nd Wilhelm Tragedy"

Nice work!. Loved the look and style, really fun animation and great angles.
great choice of music too.

Can't understate how incredible this is, from the creative character designs to absolutely nailing the aesthetic AND matching it with the music. It's incredible work, especially for such a small amount of time.

Nailed the 30s style down amazingly. Really great animation and character designs and the choice of music worked really well too. Great work!

You pretty much nailed the theme you were going for. The animation, music and overall feel of this is just great.

This is really cute and charming. The character designs are great, the action is well implemented, especially the last punch. I really dig rhythmic editing like yours. Plus, as a mecha fan, this was extra fun! I also love how you connected this to Prisoner of the Clairvoyant. I'm eager to see how you connect them all.

I did notice a slight disconnect in style between your clean, slick, modern animation and the emulation of the 1930s. The aesthetic was there, but it didn't feel like a 1930s cartoon. That's not really a point against this really great cartoon, and not that you had to actually stick that closely to it, I just noticed it because there were attempts to do 30s era movements.
I'm just thinking about it because your cartoons are clearly made with thought put into them, so I feel like it would be a shame to not think critically about them!

Excited for your next one!