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Reviews for "The 2nd Wilhelm Tragedy"

Very good! If there is one thing that I like, its old-time styled animations. I love how the scientist became a robot and how instead of letting him destroy the monster you were able to give this animation a deeper theme! I am so happy to see that this animation got put on the best movies this month section (I also love the music, it gave the animation a real kick!) and I hope to see more from you later!

Love the style and aesthetic. The animation itself was fluid and had nice transitions.

Thoroughly enjoyed how brutal and gritty it was as a counterbalance to the oldschool era animation style (that was generally sappy and wholesome overall).

The only thing that I would have loved to see more of is use of emphasis for conveyance as there'd be some moments that felt out of touch with the narrative (e.g. Where the blue eyed monster grabs someone and instantly squishes them- it seemed oddly detached and confusing at first as I thought it was the general being grabbed only to see him come up in the next shot as alive and well.).

Keep at it,

Amazing work! You put alot of work into this! Congrats on the robot day win!

Duyde... Your animation is smooth and you take time to visually explain shit... in an easy to understand way that is fast and helps keep you in pace with the story. And the expressions plus imagery in the clip shows exactly what their intentions are without the need for dialogue Like when the robot was trying to remove the VR helmet, you already knew why it was doing that and what happened. And what the character was trying to do, how it felt about it, and the effects of the event. Good job! Many should learn from you!

What's the first tragedy about?