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Reviews for "The 2nd Wilhelm Tragedy"

Really liked how some actions and the transitions synced with the music.

oh boy! great job!

I adore this

Barako coffee hmm. Must try some time! :D I'm enjoying the old thirties vibe here, both in noise and animation and atmospheric noise too. You even managed the style, even if the giant girl somehow breaks the mold for what they'd show at that day and age. Too sensual? Too blue eyes? Angles? Clothing looking more seventies/eighties? Maybe it's a combination, but it looks good! Starts easily and ends conclusively. Really enjoying these jam entries of yours! And of all so far maybe this was the least abstract (good or bad). Nice work.


Oh man this is some good stuff right here! I really want to see a continuation of this! You've already got a lot offer with this story! Props