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Reviews for "Cakewalk"

Sympathy and cuteness when used right can be an effective weapon. It gets increasingly hilarious how the baby-eyes shot comes back again and again especially with the last one.

What a nice concept. My favorite part of the animation is how granny is so kind that she gives pieces to others who want a piece of cake.

Sijbren responds:


Wow, this was very fun to watch :) One of the few animations that I was able to watch without forcing myself to do so, it was just an interesting sight ^_^
Kinda sad that the granny didn't have anything left at the end for herself, but atleast she was able to make everyone elses day better :) That was good too

Great job, overall ! :D

Sijbren responds:

Thnx :D

Really nicely animated!

Sijbren responds:

Thank you very much

2:00 The real monster of Loch Ness appears, and grandma doesn't wear her shotgun!