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Reviews for "Cakewalk"

keep up the great work but thats why you don,t share stuff with people now days becouse if you do they never help you back

And just like in real life, I maintained a naive hope up until the end that somebody who come back to return the favor. Nobody ever does that though. Nobody, but that teeniest, tiniest bit of hope always lingers until the very last second.

This is a sad, yet charming animation.
Thank you.

Sijbren responds:

You're welcome :)

Story of my life! daaaam kindness!!!

She's lucky that Nicolas Cage wasn't around, I've heard he wants that cake.

Sijbren responds:

I'm sorry it's too important to me

Can you make an alternate version where she kicks the boy, ignores the homeless man and eats the bread while watching the birds? The animation of the bread falling over on her cart after giving the man some is the best tiny detail and my favourite part. Great job!